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Everything You Know
About Healing Is Wrong!

What If…

Everything you know about healing is wrong?

What happens when there is chronic pain in the mind or body?

Our focus is taken from what brings value to our lives like our family, our kids, our relationships…

If spending time with our kids, significant other or friends is what brings magic to our lives… what is being robbed from us when chronic pain steals that attention?

What else suffers?

Our kid’s grades and feelings that mommy or daddy doesn’t love them due to unable to spend time like they want?

Our significant other’s sense of self-worth for the same thing?

Our ability to focus on our jobs?

Chronic pain often interrupts sleep and when we have terrible sleep the entire day is affected.

The point here is that pain in the mind or body is not just an isolated event.

It inevitably spills over into various areas of our lives and makes our lives so much worse because of it.

If perfect health was the new normal for your life, how much better would life become?

What if all of this could be changed within just a few weeks, without pills or chemicals that poison the body and rob our quality of life due to the extreme side effects?

What if your perfect life was only weeks away?

What would that be worth to throw down the shackles making you a prisoner in your own body?

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Healing Clients, Restoring Hope and Health All Across The Globe

How would you like to address the root cause of your illness without it causing medical bankruptcy or an adverse side effect? How much better would life be for you and your family if perfect health was your new normal and natural state of being?

For over 10 years, I have been working in the medical field from being a combat medic in the U.S. Army to working with the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research in pediatrics at the University of Utah. What I have found with chronic diseases is that traditional medicine nearly universally only treats the symptoms. 

What I mean by this is that it is now common knowledge that an abundance of stress causes cancer. Yet, instead of dealing with the root cause, stress, we eradicate the immune system and quality of life of patients through chemotherapy (derived from a toxic nerve agent – mustard gas) and radiation. Not only does a cancer diagnosis now lead to medical bankruptcy as soon as within two years of diagnosis, but cancer often comes back because the root cause was never dealt with. 

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“I’m from Germany and I just had a healing meditation from Joshua… He clearly has a lot of talent… He can offer a lot of guidance and can take you to places you may avoid to look at to connect to your own greatness”.

Tina Iinne

Lives in Germany


“Josh is an incredibly talented man. You can feel his really beautiful energy and the abundance of love Josh has. The healing meditation was absolutely beautiful. I could feel it touch my soul.“.

Eric Turnbull