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Your Healer is a former combat veteran. While serving in the U.S. Army, he was recognized for valor and service beyond the call of duty. Later, he was recognized by the highest-ranking military officer in the land: General Erik Shinseki (Joint Chief of Staff). He received the honor while serving in his first warzone where he deployed just 8 days after Sept. 11th, 2001.

His ability to adapt to and overcome obstacles has led him to a path of spiritual discovery of monumental proportions. Ironically, Western education that teaches us to look for information and knowledge was the exact wrong path to take in the spiritual journey. We can live life in a way where we experience it, or just read about it (Trees of Life and Knowledge respectively).

He now helps others discover some of the greatest gifts life has to offer:

Healing brings me to life. The very best of who I am is found when I go within the depths of my very being and help others find that space as well. Can you imagine how I feel when I show others that there is a true path to healing? That perfect health can be found w/o losing all your hair, w/o losing your vitality, where instead of suffering dis-ease you can find yourself in a place of ease. Now how would you feel once you’ve discovered that? Now think how I feel when I see it on your face.

Many people are tormented by their anxiety and depression, and when they try to treat it, they get other dysfunctions like losing their libido and feeling empty inside for even more simple problems. When people tell me that they no longer have to be defined by their limitations and limiting beliefs, that is the best gift I could be given.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping people with a history of heart attacks, and deep sadness in their lives. Those who suffer pain in the mind or pain in the body, I’ve been told I help people tap into the deepest part of who they are and bring that out. 

In the 2014 Transformers movie, Mark Wahlberg revived Optimus Prime. After doing so he told Optimus that he was lucky cause the missile he pulled out to revive him didn’t hit his power source. Optimus said: “we call that our spark. It holds our memories and life force”. Wahlberg said: “we call that a soul”. 

After working in pediatric medical and cancer (specifically) research at the University of Utah, I realized just how little we know about diseases. We act as if the body is just missing some pharmaceutical drug that has a page-long list of side effects. That is not a normal thing for the human body. 

I realized that when the soul gets drained by all the negativity, be it politics, pandemic, rude people, etc., when our life force is drained our minds and bodies breakdown. I was no different. I had to heal myself before I could heal anybody else. Healing my own trauma and wounds has empowered me to help others in the deepest way possible and I am so grateful. 


Please, if you have pain in your life that is holding you back, book a call. You owe it to yourself to find a better way. One that targets the root cause. When your life force is at full power, our bodies and minds, which are made up of atoms (which are 99.999999%) empty space, as a consequence will heal. And you’ll have the means to have perfect health as a natural state of being.


Set an appointment, today, and find your roadmap to a pain-free existence.


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Josh has a phenomenal way to help you tap into the deepest parts of yourself… It is no coincidence that I just landed one of the biggest contracts I’ve ever had as an entrepreneur.

Will Clewis