1 to 1 Consultations

1-on-1 Consultation

What if I were to tell you:

  • That you could have the best life you never had?
  • That your inner voice could be your best asset instead of it pouring fuel on the anxiety and depression fire?
  • That your anxiety and depression could be transformed into the highest levels of self love for your best and most productive self?!
  • That your dis-ease could be transformed into ease and then give you the tools to maintain that without caustic pharmaceuticals and without medicine?!
  • That you could recover from cancer without losing all your hair, without throwing up your teeth and your toenails, and feel like death warmed over?

Let’s discuss how I can help you find this and much more.

I do individual healing sessions, and group healing sessions for couples or families. Prices vary depending on the ailment because the darker the dis-ease, the more effort it takes from me.